What is a Pierceism?

A Pierceism is something Pierce Alexander Lilholt has said or something he would be likely to say in the future. It is not necessarily a quote. It could be a truism. It could be a question. It could be utter nonsense. It could be silence at just the right time.

Pierceism.com will help you decode the complex linguistic style of the creative visionary, Pierce Alexander Lilholt. By decoding these mysterious linguistic phenomena, known as Pierceisms, you will not only gain a greater understanding of language and the man, you will likely gain a greater understanding of the world. Pierceism.com gives you unfettered access to a treasure trove of Pierceisms. Those who explore the depths of this treasure trove have been known to have profound experiences revealing awareness of the true nature of their own realities. Those who do not wish to seek enlightenment through Pierceisms will always remain in the dark, and will never know what it is like to live life to the fullest. Those who are bold enough to dive into the fantastic planet of Pierceisms will find a world that gives their life meaning and brings them one step closer to completeness. If you are ready to learn everything there is to know, explore the archives of Pierceisms and absorb them like a sponge. Let the Pierceisms drip from your soul for as long as you shall live.