Below is a list of Pierceisms. Enjoy this treasure trove of mysterious and radical wisdom. Explore the depths of knowledge and profundities that can only be expressed through Pierceisms. Check back frequently to see newly added Pierceisms. They are overwhelmingly unending!

"Oh Yeah!"

This Piercism means jubilation. It is pure excitement and is often used as a form of encouragement.

"Whoa Daddy! That's a lot of fish!"

This Pierceism means you caught or bought a lot of fish. If you were fishing and you filled a boat with fish, this Pierceism could apply. Also, if you went to the grocery store and bought all of the fish that they had there, this Pierceism is most likely called for.

"There is nothing wrong with being able to count your friends on one hand."

This Pierceism means that if you have really great friends, it doesn't matter how many you have. It is better to have a few great friends than a heap of mediocre friends.

"You are only as strong as you believe you are."

This Pierceism means that if you are able to endure something, you don't need to complain about it. You can endure it if you believe you can endure it.

"You are know what will make you feel good. Eat them."

This Pierceism means that if you are struggling with deciding what diet will work for you, you already know what foods will be good fuel for your mind and body. Eat the foods that will make you feel good and don't be surprised when you don't feel good if you continue eating things that you know won't make you feel good.

"If you are going to ride a motorcycle, don't crash."

This Pierceism means that if you are going to ride a motorcycle, be safe. You can apply this Pierceism to just about anything. You are in control.

"If you are going to someone's house, bring them a present."

This Pierceism means that if you shouldn't show up empty handed. Even if you can't afford to buy a present, you can always write a nice note, bring a game to play, and instrument and a song, or a flower.